Film Production Team

Director: John David Thornton
Writer: Lloyd Salomone
Producer: Nelson Milley, Lloyd Salomone
Camera: John David Thornton, Carly Sappier, Kent Martin, Chris Giles
Location Sound: Theo Levi, Nelson Milley, Kent Martin
Production Manager: Nelson Milley, Lloyd Salomone
Music Composer: Nelson Milley
Editor: Chris Giles
Sound Editor: Andrew Stairs, Nelson Milley
Online Editor: Chris Giles, Alan Edwards
Maliseet Translator: Victor Atwin
Mi'kmaq Translator: Peter Levi, Tonya Levi, Francis Levi, Elizabeth Sacobie
French Translator: Marie Tourchin
Versioning Voice Over: Alice "Shanee" Paul, Victor Atwin, Sharon Nash, Francis Levi, Peter Levi, Josie Agustine, Brian Fancis
Closed Captioning: Captioning Innovations
Bookeeping: Wendy Desroches
Accounting: Peter Spacek
HD Tape Mastering: The Postman
Trailer: John David Thornton
Narration: Maggie Paul
Participants: Cecelia Brooks, Josie Augustine, Darryl Nicholas, Andrea Bear Nicholas, Clarence Atwin, Hugh Akagi, Winton Saulis

Digital Media Production

Director/Camera/Editor: Kent Martin
Additional Camera: John David Thornton, Carly Sappier
Production Manager: Lloyd Salomone
Music Composer: Nelson Milley
Writing and Interactive Content: Lloyd Salomone, John David Thornton
Intereactive Website Design and Maintenance: Cal Kenny, Ben Duncan
Technical Coordinator: Michell Morrison
Translation and Versioning: To be announced
Producer: Nelson Milley, Lloyd Salomone
Digital Media Participants: Cecelia Brooks, Anthony Brooks, Elena Ponomarenko, Ben Phillips, Colin Laroque, Donald McAlpine, Stephen Clayden, Randall Miller, Donna Crossland, Peter Laroque

Archival and Satellite Images
Archival Images provided by the New Brunswick Provincal Archives
Satellite Images provided by National Aeronautics Space Administration
Big Blue Marble Earth: Reto Stöckli, A. Nelson, F. Hasler, 2003
Blue Marble: Land Surface, Shallow Water & Shaded Topography Reto Stöckli, Robert Simmon, 2002 Smoke Across Eastern Canada: Jeff Schmaltz, 2005

Film & Digital Media Project Support:
Canada Media Fund: Monica Keen, Lois Boyd
New Brunswick Film: Ghislain Labbe, Sandra Jamieson
Atlantic Canada First Nation Help Desk: Kevin Burton
Aboriginal Peoples Television Network: Jean-François D. O’Bomsawin, Sylvain Lesvesque, Monica Ille

Thank You to:

Peter Barnaby, Percy Barnaby, Maggie Paul, Miriam Fischer, Larry Slip, Frank Augustine, Lou Akagi, Gracie Davis, Joshua Bolan, Sanannah Keenan, Diamond Sabattis, Katherine Milley, Rose Sacobie, Geraldine Arseneault, Charmaine Lee, Monika Ille, Sylvain Lévesque, Ron Trembley, Eric Tremblay, Michel Savoie, Nadine Gauvin, Blair Pardy, Dan Simard, Julia Thompson, Fred Ferrell, Luke DeMarsh, Peter DeMarsh, James David Ross, Charles Gaffney, Darla Saunders, Suzanne Farqihason,  Jetta Denny, Colleen Parent-Meade, Mike Meade, Andrea Milley
Tobique Maliseet First Nation
Elsipogtog (Big Cove) Mi'kmaq First Nation
Oromocto Maliseet First Nation
Sitansisk (St. Mary's) Maliseet First Nation
Qonasqwamkuk Passamaquoddy First Nation
Metepenagiag Heritage Park
New Brunswick Woodman's Museum
New Brunswick Museum
Tantramar Heritage Trust/Campbell Carriage Factory
Ridgeview Middle School
Geogrpaphy and Environment Program - Mount Allison University
Saint Thomas University Native Studies Program
University of New Brunswick Mi'kmaq Maliseet Institute
University of New Brunswick Canadian Rivers Institute
Parks Canada: Kouchibouguac National Park, Fundy National Park/Parks Canada
Irving Nature Park, Odell Park, Amherst Point Bird Sanctuary
Mactaquac and Mount Carleton Provincial Parks
Caledonia Gorge Protected Natural Area